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A Brief Background on Betaine

Betaine is could be found on most plants, marine animals as well as microorganisms. It’s most important physiologic task are by providing a good methyl groups supply which is necessary for numerous biochemical pathways and with the protection of cells that are undergoing stress. Betaine is naturally found on several foods and it is greatly concentrated on certain foods such as spinach, beets as well as shellfish and grains.

Supplementation on betaine has traditionally been utilized with the homocysteinuria treatments due to deficiencies genetically in the methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase and the cystathione beta synthase genes. Supplementation on betaine could also lessen the circulating homocysteine level which is a probable risk cause for cancer, heart disease as well as stroke and Alzheimer's disease.

With such supplementation, it is considered to be capable of improving the hepatic steatosis on both the nonalcoholic and alcoholic etiologies. Although several animal researches have presented with conceivable method, data with the research on human beings are inadequate.

Betaine in a cocamidopropylbetaine form has been known as a contact allergy cause on a number of products on skin care. With such identical form, this betaine has been considered as an impending substitute for sodium lauryl sulfate which are found on toothpastes that lessens mucosal irritations such as ulcers and dry mouth.

Since the year 1980s, betaine have been utilized as an option  for treating patients who are suffering from homocysteinuria which is a defect genetically in the CBS or cystathione beta-synthase gene. Vitamin B6 such as pyridoxine became beneficial with hardly about 50% patients having CBS while betaine was been a beneficial option for the reduction of homocysteine with patients who are unresponsive. In addition, beneficial effect was also observed among patients who are pyridoxine-responsive.

Early subjective information explained that along with CBS variant, betaine treatments added to methionine and B6 vitamins restriction could actually prevented complications clinically on disease such as  cardiovascular condition before the of age 30.


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