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A Brief History Of Taurine And Its Dietary Source

A Brief History Of Taurine And Its Dietary Source

This neurotransmitter is affected by Nuvoxil and Taurine


Taurine is a naturally occurring chemical compound found within animals as well as humans. It is produced from cysteine, an amino acid which contains sulfur. Taurine is considered as an organic acid and a sulfonic acid for it contains sulfur.


German chemists Leopold Gmelin and Friedrich Tiedemann discovered taurine by isolating the compound from an ox’s bile. Bile is produced in the liver and is stored and secreted by the gall bladder as a digestive juice that aids in digestion. Upon release from the gallbladder, bile’s function is focused on the digestion of fats from the foods that we eat. The name taurine came from the latin word “taurus” which means bull or ox for it was isolated from a castrated adult male bull.  


Traces of taurine can be found on both human and animal cells. Significant levels of taurine are found in bile and lower intestines where the digestion of foods takes place. There are also concentrations of taurine on other body areas like the heart, particularly in the cardiac muscles, skeletal muscles and white blood cells. Traces of taurine are also seen in the central nervous system.


Dietary sources of taurine can be found in a variety of foods that we regularly eat. These include eggs, fish, meat, milk and seafoods. Most of these foods are rich in protein, therefore, protein rich foods are the most abundant source of taurine. In addition to that, you may want to take in amino acid supplements, particularly taurine health supplements to fully provide your body the necessary amount of taurine that it needs to support vital body functions.

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