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A Brief Study of PEA

A Brief Study of PEA

This neurotransmitter is affected by Kavinace, DL-Phenylaline, and Daxitrol

It is a salt structure of phenylethylamine (PEA) known as the Phenylethylamine HCL which is a hydrochloric acid treated phenylethylamine; it is basically crystallized into a structure of a salt which is a monoamine alkaloid together with a two stereoisomer as well. The basic structure of PEA HCL can naturally be found in certain foods for instance chocolate. However food like chocolate are swiftly metabolized to have an effect on the body’s chemistry.

The phenylethylamine HCL molecular makeup as an aromatic compound is merely recognized, one which comprise a benzene ring structure and with a chain of two carbon alkane that stops in an amino group associated with the subsequent point on the benzene ring.

Phenylethylamine HCL operates by increasing levels of dopamine inside the brain as well as inhibiting dopamine transmitter’s actions. This double acting effect causes a huge make up of dopamine inside the brain if further exposure blockage on the brain’s blood is not controlled or if not regulated.

Phenylethylamine HCL has a reflective outcome on both corollary and neurologically emotionally on humans when permitted across the blockage on the blood brain. Unfortunately, phenylethylamine HCL has a exceedingly brief half life inside humans when taken and is prior into the blockage of the brain’s blood. A half life of 5 to 15 minutes is typically observed inside human beings as phenylethylamine HCL is incredibly metabolized rapidly inside the body by the monoamine oxidase A and B which also includes enzymes at hand like dopamine betahydroxylase and aldehyde dehydrogenase.

PEA HCL is the basis for more than a few substances identified as PEA. There are various dozen offshoot of phenylethylamine HCL with well acknowledged outcomes that change from inconspicuous immense dosages beneath such as phenylethylamine HCL to those whose are exceedingly has not been researched like 2C-B noted as a chemical research and is taken with exceptionally extreme effects at 31 milligrams and greater.

The study of phenylethylamine HCL and the enormous majority of its outcome are time and again qualified to the workings of Alexander Shulgin. It is his study that the alikeness of phenylethylamine HCL to further substances, like amphetamine, dopamine and also methamphetamine are discussed with their comparable effects inside the human body’s biochemistry.

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