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A Brief Summary on Epinephrine

A Brief Summary on Epinephrine

Epinephrine is a hormone also called an adrenaline. Epinephrine derived a Latin word epi- +renes while adrenaline was came from the Greek word ad-+nephros which both word mean “on or to the kidney” which as well refers to the adrenal gland that produces epinephrine. It enhances blood circulation rate, carbohydrate metabolism and breathing. It also enhances exertion on the muscle.

Epinephrine demonstrates a vital role on stress response, the physiological answer to the conditions that pressures the body’s physical well being. When it is discharged into the blood stream, it will enhance the pressure of the blood and eventually the heart rate also increases, and reroute the blood flow away from inner organs in the body as well as the skin. It also widens the pupils, sugar level rises which increases the hydrolysis of glycogen that stores carbohydrates and then be converts into glucose.

This neurotransmitter is related to N Acetyltyrosine, DL Phenylaline, and ExcitaCor.

Epinephrine could also be produced on a tumor of the adrenal gland called pheochromocytoma which gives off excessive amount of catecholamine most of the time epinephrine. Catecholamine hormone is chemically an epinephrine, also a sympathomimetic monoamine that came from tyrosine and phenylalanine amino acid. 

The use of epinephrine as a drug is to excite cardiac response in cardiac arrest, acting like a vasoconstrictor in sepsis and anaphylactic distress and acts fairly as a bronchodilator in a severe bronchial asthma. Suitable for vasoconstrictive causes, norephinephrine is an option for the cure of anaphylaxis. It is useful in treating sepsis. It also lessens the intra-optical stress in the dealing with glaucoma. On allergic an patient that undergoes immunotherapy, they could receive an epinephrine douse before undergoing their administering of allergen extract.

On number of types of anesthetics epinephrine was introduced to injectable forms for instance a lidocaine and bupivacaine, as vasoconstrictor to hinders the absorption and thus lengthen anesthetic agent’s reaction. Some unpleasant effects of common anesthetic use that may be inflicted by epinephrine     

The word epinephrine is more preferred to be used than adrenaline. On the other hand, it supposed to be distinguished that pharmaceuticals that imitate the effects of epinephrine are frequently called adrenergic and epinephrine receptors are termed adrenoceptors.  

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