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A Brief overview on L Theanine Researches

A Brief overview on L Theanine Researches

This ingredient is contained in EndoTrex, TheaNAQ, EndoPlus, and TravaCor


Several chemical compounds could be in two formations when they have the same structure as well as composition with exception on having an exactly the same likeness with each other. These two formations are noted as enantiomers, and basically identified to as the "D" and "L" compound formation. Living life forms which includes plants and animals normally utilizes and manufactures only a single formation of various compounds. In the theanine case with "L" form, it is only with this formation that has a biological role when used as a medicine.

L-theanine is found in an amount of concentrations on a tea more particularly on green and white tea. L-theanine is also secluded from the tea plant or manufactured unnaturally and marketed in its pure form. As a safe nutritional supplement, L-theanine has been accepted by the Food and Drug Administration.

In accordance with the study published in the Journal of Herbal Pharmacotherapy 2006 issue, L-theanine enhances the quantity of GABA which is an inhibitory transmitter present inside the brain; as a result it creates a deep soothing effect onto nervous system. Correspondingly with the study issued 2009 regarding the amino acid which has found that L-theanine boosts the production of dopamine quantity manufactured by the brain. Dopamine is a main neurotransmitter that influences attention, mood as well as memory. In addition, a research on Nutrition Reviews in the year 2008 demonstrated a proof that L-theanine could improve the immune system by developing the immune system cell actions of the T-cells.

Since the quantity of L-theanine used in the form of a supplement is usually a lot greater than the quantity taken by drinking tea. It was recommended that L-theanine supplements could be at a higher dose than not dangerous. Even though a study in the year 2006 on the Food Chemistry Toxicology explained that rats didn’t bear any evident side effects even with high L-theanine doses.

L-theanine could be found in a form of a pill and as a mixture to numerous bottled drinks. It is commonly used in relieving stress, relaxation aid or can even raise alertness with no jittery caffeine effects. It also could be found in every tea beverages.

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