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A Great Stress Reliever

A Great Stress Reliever

This ingredient is contained in Calm PRT, AdreCor, ExcitaCor, and ExcitaPlus.

What is Rhodiola rosea? Not everyone is familiar with this herb, hence, not familiar of its helpful effect. The rhodiola rosea, or commonly known as the Golden Root, Roseroot and Aaron’s Rod, is a plant that came from the Crassulaceae family. These plants grow in cold regions of the planet. Example of that would be some parts of the Arctic, the Rocky Mountains, some mountainous sections of Europe and the Alps. The rhodiola rosea is a dioecious, having female and male plants. It is effective upon improving mood and terminating depression. The studies upon human subjects resulted in improved physical and mental performances; reduced fatigue is also a noted result. The effect of the golden root is arbitrated by changes in serotonin and dopamine levels due to monoamine oxidase inhibition and its influence on opioid peptides. Rhodiola is included in a class of plant derivatives that are called adaptogens, differs from chemical stimulants, like nicotine, and don’t have the same physiological effects.


In Russia, it was often used to relieve people from climate coldness, and usually, stressful lives. The proof was revealed by a laboratory experiment on rats, which showed stress-induced great appetite, physical activity and weight gain. Rhodiola extract is used in the form of capsules or tablet, but tinctures are also possible. A capsule/tablet contains 100mg of a standardized amount of 3 percent rosavinss and 0.8 to 1 percent salidroside due to the natural occurrence ratio of the compounds in rhodiola rosea root, which is 3:1.  A normal dosage is one or two capsules daily, one in the morning and if taking two, one in the early afternoon. The reason why rhodiola should be taken early in the day is because some of it can interfere with sleeping. Others can take it in the evening with no effect on sleep patterns, results differ from one individual to another. The dosage can be increased to 200mg three times a day (if needed), a high dose is considered to be daily intakes of 1000mg and above, which can be hazardous at some point.

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