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A Guide on the Reduction of Dopamine Levels

A Guide on the Reduction of Dopamine Levels

This neurotransmitter is affected by Daxitrol, AdreCor, Balance D, and ExcitaPlus

As a neurotransmitter, dopamine influences the cardiovascular system and brain activities. Exposure to a structure of toxic chemical contamination called PCBs or polychlorinated biphenyls; this can dangerously lessen dopamine to low levels which cardiovascular system is affected.


Levels of dopamine increase can enhance heart rate and blood pressure. High levels of dopamine are associated alertness as well as excitability. Extremely high levels of dopamine have been linked with psychosis, on the positive side by the decreasing the levels of dopamine may be a considerable result in curing persons with mental illness. Having a balanced diet is one natural way to reduce levels of dopamine. Medical involvement in the arrangement of prescription medication may also be needed.


The following Instructions are steps on how to effectively lessen dopamine levels:


The first step is working a balanced diet with food rich in proteins and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are capable of decreasing levels of dopamine to stimulate a soother mind state. Foods that absorb amino acids like nonfat dairy products as well as meat which are protein-rich foods normalize the production of dopamine inside the brain.


The second step is by eating green vegetables which are rich in vitamins that counteract the balance of carbohydrates by the discharge of endorphins.


The third step is becoming responsive on external factors that could aggravate the levels of dopamine, like constant stress, low levels on iron and zinc, and B-vitamin shortage. It also includes estrogen deficiency on women, flu, as well as abusive consumption of alcohol and narcotics.


The fourth step is having knowledge on prohibited stimulants for instance amphetamines. This can stimulate production of dopamine and even aggravate the extreme dopamine effects.


The fifth and final step is to consult a medical doctor who can give a prescription of dopamine inhibitor medication in a form of injection or a pill. These inhibitors prescribed amounts are intended to set off therapies for medical conditions which include hyperactivity, cardiovascular disorders as well as psychosis. The medication lasts up to six weeks between dosages.


These steps are guide lines that may be followed in order to effectively reduce the levels of dopamine which has considerable effects on our body. The main significance of these steps is to make our lives more health and be cured for any illness we endure every day.

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