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A Quick Look at MSG

A Quick Look at MSG


Whenever we find certain foods that are positive for MSG, it usually creates a negative image. What are the hard facts and truths about MSG? We all know that monosodium glutamate can add flavor to the food we eat. Also, they are commonly found in canned foods, meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and other foods rich in proteins. It serves as a taste enhancer that is why it is popularly known as the “umami”.

This neurotransmitter is related to Balance D, Daxitrol, Kavinace, and TravaCor.


Some people would wonder where MSG came from. Originally, it was discovered and extracted from seaweeds. However, nowadays it can be created by using artificial fermentation processes. Being a very controversial ingredient and unexplained so-called facts about MSG, people have blamed this substance when they experience unhealthy body reactions. Some have reported that they can experience burning sensations behind the neck and chest. They also believe that it can cause vomiting and shortness of breath.


Because of these claims, a lot of researchers and scientists were encouraged to make further studies about monosodium glutamate. Studies have shown that MSG exerts quality taste added to the food. The content of MSG can be noticed as it is being digested in mouth and as it passes on the blood streams. However, it should be taken in suggested amounts only. The values are based on clinical studies. According to some researcher, the required dosage of MSG is only 2-15 grams only. However, if a person is ill, the intake should always be monitored by the health provider. In some countries, if the person is staying in the hospitals, nutritionists usually dictate and prescribe the food that they should eat daily. Most of the time, they eliminate MSG in the diet. Of course, the limitation and total elimination depends on the nature of disease a patient has. Moreover, doctor’s supervision is also needed if an individual is found out to be allergic to monosodium glutamate as this can trigger harmful effects in the their health.

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