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A Review on L Carnitine

Taking sufficient amount of L-carnitine levels doesn’t cause certain harmful effect into the body. Typically, the prescribed L-carnitine dosage should not exceed the 5 grams dosage per day. Such dosage must be followed strictly. Several cases have been accounted wherein excessive L-carnitine levels resulted to some certain type of uneasiness. Therefore, side effects of L-carnitine possibilities could rarely occur however it could possibly happen.

 After taking L-carnitine, many individuals believed that it could provide an energetic feeling wherein may cause some difficulty of sleeping. Taking more than the recommended L-carnitine dosage usually causes diarrhea together with an apparent increase of appetite.

Majority of individuals who are taking long term L-carnitine prescription have observed of fish like odor into their bodies. A number of such individual also have experienced having some skin problems such as irritation, rashes and itching of the skin.

Because L-carnitine partakes into the metabolic processes, certain uncomfortable and mild feelings are reasonably natural. Several individuals experience dizziness and nauseous in the early days of L-carnitine intakes. Commonly, such side effects of L-carnitine would vanish when the body becomes used to it.

The possibility of having side effects on L-carnitine could occur only when a person does not take it as prescribed. Therefore, an individual should follow strictly the instructions and directions regarding the proper dosage given by the health doctors in order to safely acquire every L-carnitine benefits.

In case that an individual suffers diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, hypertension, cirrhosis and kidney problems he/she must inform a qualified health doctor concerning it, especially he/she has been prescribed with L-carnitine wherein it is known have an interaction on certain medications.

L-carnitine is not advisable for an individual who is having medication on cancer such as doxorubicin. Consequently, L-carnitine tends to shield the cells of the heart against the doxorubicin toxic effects wherein it would reduce the effectiveness of such medication.


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