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AKBA Past Present and Future

AKBA Past Present and Future

You can find all NeuroScience supplements here at NeuroFormulas including the AKBA-containing product NorLox.

In the ancient times, AKBA has been used to treat illnesses involving inflammation, though it has not been named then as AKBA. Today, medical experts proved that AKBA really help in aiding individuals who suffer from body pain caused by inflammation due to findings made in a lot of experiments. In addition, AKBA supplements are also effective in the treatment of liver diseases, boils, ringworm, neurological disorders, dysentery, and obesity.

Further experiments on AKBA found that it has a possible effect on ulcerative colitis, due to its anti-inflammatory effects. Ulcerative colitis is a health condition that causes sores and inflammation in the lining of the colon and rectum, sometimes mistaken as a common ulcer. The inflammation caused by this disorder can result to excessive pus production of enzymes which further lead to killing of cells due to inflammation. In other words, this disorder can cause a lot of pain if left untreated. Additional researches are still needed in order to determine whether the anti-inflammatory properties of AKBA supplements are enough to show improvements to those who suffer from ulcerative colitis and related diseases.

Further researches on AKBA show that it can also help in the treatment of asthma, which is a long term lung disease characterized by difficulties in breathing due to inflammation in the air passageways of the body. Medical experts started to see the link on how AKBA supplements can help aid asthma sufferers since they found out that AKBA has leukotriene biosynthesis inhibitor properties. Following the findings, they conducted experiments concerning the preliminary findings and as a result they saw improvements in asthma patients, minimizing the attacks of the disease and some of its signs and symptoms also disappear. The researchers used different dosages of AKBA supplements depending on the severity of asthma on patients, on a daily basis for several weeks, before positive effects of AKBA were seen.

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