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AKBA as a Famous Anti Inflammatory Supplement

AKBA as a Famous Anti-Inflammatory Supplement

You can find all NeuroScience supplements here at NeuroFormulas including the AKBA-containing product NorLox.

AKBA has been used to aid in different disorders and health conditions in the past, even though it is only named AKBA in the modern times. In the past AKBA was then known as a boswellin, an extract from a boswellia serrata tree, and has been widely used as an herbal treatment in India. The practice is called Ayurvedic medical system and it has been used in health conditions such as neurological disorders, obesity, arthritis, ringworm, ringworm, and other cases. Today, AKBA is still being used in India to cure such disorders but it is also being known in different parts of the world, even as an ingredient of different dietary supplements.

Acetyl-keto-beta boswellic acid or simply AKBA is a type of boswellic acid most famous for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is often available in the form of supplementary capsule with varying dosage based on the manufacturing pharmaceutical company and its intended use. Majority of its ingredient comes from the resin extracts of boswellia serrata tree.

One of the functions of AKBA is to aid in establishing cell cycle arrest. This is very helpful in regenerative processes in the body such as healing processes and the like. Another importance of AKBA can be seen in preventing inflammation in the body. It is responsible for blocking LPS-mediated TNF production which is one of the primary factors that trigger inflammation. In addition, AKBA has been found to induce apoptosis that resulted from TNF which then lead to stopping cell invasions induced by TNF.

In complementary with the findings on AKBA, several researchers were also concluded that boswellic acids and other derivatives also help to decrease the leukotriene B4 formation, which is a substance that triggers some diseases. Other experiments made regarding AKBA and other boswellic acid also concluded and classified them as a non-reducing leukotriene synthesis inhibitors. They do it either by blocking its translocation or by directly interacting with 5-lipoxygenase.

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