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About Alpha Lipoic Acid

Lets talk frist about what Alpha Lipoic Acid is. Alpha Lipoic Acid is a antioxidant and antioxidant go through your body and attack the waste produckts that are in youor body. How do they get there? Well waste or free radicals are created when your body is turning your food into the energy it needs and it dose this every day. Now this wate is very harmful to your body it can damage your bodys organs and its tissue. Alpha Lipoic Aicd goes all around your body and makes sure that your body stays pertected for the waste that is there, thats already one way that Alpha Lipoic Acid helps your body.

Alpha Lipoic Acid also helps people with diabetes by lowering a persons blood sugar with diabetes Alpha Lipoic Aicd can help reduce things like itching, numbness and can lower the persons pain that they may be felling. Alpha Lipoic Acids have also been suggested to be a treatment for thing like glaucoma, alcohol related liver disease and it even has the potental to help brain and nerve tissue damage that comes with haveing a stroke.

Although the studys in these new treatment are ongoing, the possabiltys for Alpha Lipoic Aicd are truly wonderes.


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