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About Endocrine Health

The endocrine system is designed to release certain hormones into the body's blood stream. Certain glands found within the endocrine system actually regulate these hormones and keep the body vital and healthy. One such gland would be the thyroid. The thyroid gland is found near the throat and regulates metabolism, body heat, and bone growth. Other glands found in the body regulate adrenaline and blood pressure. Glands, such as the ovaries and testes, regulate the specific male and female hormones that are essential for healthy reproduction. There are certain disorders that effect the endocrine system. A few such disorders would be thyroid problems and diabetes. Blood tests will be able to tell you if you have either of these disorders. It is a good idea to see your doctor regularly for blood testing. Thyroid problems can effect the way we live and think. People with a thyroid problem will often feel nervous or confused, have heat intolerance, and may either gain weight or lose weight without dieting or overeating.  There are natural supplements that you can take to support the thyroid and endocrine system on a whole. These supplements are made to work with the endocrine glands to provide the body with more regulated hormone levels. If you already have an endocrine disorder or condition, your doctor will most likely put you on medication to regulate the specific gland in question. Many people may not realize that having high cholesterol is also considered an endocrine disorder. Controlling your cholesterol is one way to maintain endocrine health.


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