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Acacia in Traditional Medicine

Acacia is a herb, a flower that produces seeds. It can be used culinary as well as medicine. Honey is often made from acacia. This type of honey does not crystallize. Acacia is a popular ingredient in some citrus soft drinks and in Powerade. It is also an ingredient in chewing gum. Acacia has many medicinal uses and some of them are for treating premature ejaculation and curing rabies. It is also used as an astringent to treat skin disorders. It is often recommended for use in Ayurvedic medicine.  Acacia flowers have a strong scent and they are used in making incense. This flower is believed to purify and endure the soul. It has been used in herbal medicine for thousands of years. The extract is also used for rekligious purposes and ceremonial. It is known to contain organic compounds and alkaloids. In Egypt it is believed that this tree is the tree of life. It is recommended that when using any herb that you always seek the advice of an expert before using. Some herbs are known to interfere with other herbs or prescription medications. Some herbs may be easily confused with poison in the wild. It is always best to seek the advice of a herbalist or an expert.


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