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Acetylcholine as a Memory Enhancer

Acetylcholine as a Memory Enhancer

This neurotransmitter is affected by Avipaxin and Daxitrol

Acetylcholine simply known as ach is a neurotransmitter used in almost every part of the body. Specifically, acetylcholine is important in memory development and in the ability to learn. It is responsible for the human ability to control different body parts, for example the ability to make a muscle move. It is also important for our long time memory, so that we can store that memory for almost a lifetime.


The level of acetylcholine in the body also determines the ability of the brain to process. If the amount is low the brain will function slowly which also slows some functions of the body, particularly physical actions. Sometimes it can even lead to diseases related to memory such as the Alzheimer’s disease.


To keep it simple, acetylcholine acts as a lubricant for the body and for the brain. Acetylcholine works in complementary with dopamine, also a neurotransmitter that affects brain processes. Since they are the ones responsible for the brain to process effectively, lacking either of them can result to attention and memory problems.


Some people naturally have a high level of acetylcholine in the body. You can distinguish them on the way they interact with the world. They are those people who are very sensory oriented, innovative in nature, and open to new ideas. People who are acetylcholine natures enjoy things that are relative to communication, words, and ideas. Usually they end up being actors, writers, instructors, and artists.


On the other hand, those who lack plenty of acetylcholine in the body usually suffers with having dry skin, slow movement, learning disorders, verbal memory problems, attention problems, difficulty in concentrating, carelessness, and can even lead to having multiple sclerosis or Alzheimer’s disease.


There are two simple ways to avoid having disorders related to acetylcholine deficiency. One is through eating foods that either contain acetylcholine or can help the body in its production, and the second and more convenient and effective is by taking supplements that helps the body produce and efficiently absorb acetylcholine in the body.

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