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Adrenaline in Labor

Adrenaline in Labor

Epinephrine or adrenaline are hormones responsible for the fight or flight response of the body to certain situations that require the body to run or face the situation. They are released by the adrenal glands in response to stressful situations giving the body the added boost or extra exertion it needs to respond to threatening situations. During labor for soon to be birthing mothers, fear is commonly associated to the experience of pain, thus arousing a feeling of being threatened and pushes the adrenal glands to produce high levels of adrenaline. Adrenaline can slow labor or stop it altogether.

This neurotransmitter is related to Tyrosine Spray, Daxitrol, AdreCor, Balance D, ExcitaPlus, Calm PRT, and Avipaxin.

Too much adrenaline during labor is not good for it may result to problems in labor and birth. a very high amount of adrenaline may cause distress to the unborn baby which may result to a cesarean section operation to save the baby from further distress. This situation may also cause needed contractions for normal birth to stop or slow leading to the lengthening of labor and of course labor pains.

It is advised that epinephrine or adrenaline should be kept low during labor. A birthing mother may achieve this by staying calm and relaxed during labor and birth. It is best to be properly aware, informed and prepared for the experience because it will help women know what to expect. It is also comforting to trust and know that a woman's body has capabilities beyond what you'd expect your body to withstand; women's bodies are made to give birth at some point in time. Keep in mind that you are at the hands of very skilled health practitioners and that you are safe in your birth setting, and lastly, surround yourself with positive reinforcements; they may be your family or people who will provide you with positive and encouraging words and support. With these, you are expected to be calm and peaceful and be amazed by the wonders of labor and birthing.



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