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All the Goodness in Biotin

There are very few noted side effects which have been associated to biotin. Consequently, one major factor which could lead to certain side effects of biotin is either having prolonged or excessive dosages. Some considerably few existing evidence which could prove that regular usage of biotin may cause certain side effects.

A research on animals was performed on pregnant rats wherein these rats were exposed to an extremely high biotin dosage as well as increasing the possibility of miscarriage while relatively decreasing the size of the placenta. Though, such test was never been used as a standard for human beings.

Biotin prolonged usage in some certain cases have been resulted in the aggravation occurrences on skin rashes as well as infections. It also has an overturn effect on the levels of insulin and the blood sugar. Biotin would considerably decrease or reduce the levels of insulin within the human body while raising the levels of blood sugar. Pregnant mothers as well as ailing individuals should give close attention to such factors of biotin vitamins regarding its side effects.

Excessive dose of biotin together with B5 vitamin could probably cause eosinophilic pleuropericardial effusion, a condition which is life threatening. Such condition was seen in a certain documented case which was hindered once the person who is taking both B5 vitamin and biotin stopped such dosage. Consequently, it was not been clear on what really triggered such lethal condition considering the possibility that it was caused by B5 vitamin or biotin alone, combination of the two vitamins, or unusual reaction inside the human body.

Side effects of Biotin are very rarely seen; nonetheless as a defensive measure it is best to seek consultation from health doctor in order to determine harmful deficiency and the proper dosage to make sure that an individual taking such supplements does not suffer any kind of side effects as well as potential complications.


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