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All the Goodness of AKBA

All the Goodness of AKBA

You can find all NeuroScience supplements here at NeuroFormulas including the AKBA-containing product NorLox.

A recent study on the effective benefits of AKBA supplements especially in diseases related to inflammation was done by a group of medical experts. The research was done after they found out the superior anti-inflammatory effect possessed by AKBA. In the duration of the experiment, volunteer patients who were suffering from muscle injuries caused by inflammation and others who have arthritis were given different doses of AKBA depending on each case.

As a result, they found out that those who were suffering from muscle pains due to inflammation had reduced redness and swelling and also boosts the time of healing on muscle damages. Also, those who suffered from rheumatoid arthritis show a significant lessening of pain and disability and some eventually were totally healed from the disorder after continuous taking up of supplemental AKBA.

Another potential benefit of AKBA was brought to study following the medical studies on linking AKBA to treat allergies that cause inflammation such as asthma. This time, medical experts involved in the research tried to link AKBA in treating other disorders caused by inflammation, such as rheumatoid arthritis and sports related injuries.

Further studies claim that taking AKBA supplements may also have positive effects to those who suffer from asthma. The reason behind this hypothesis is due to the fact that AKBA promotes leukotriene biosynthesis. Supporting experiments were made following the findings.

As a result, medical experts who conducted the study found out that their asthma patients who were given AKBA supplements show positive results such as a reduce in asthma signs and symptoms like dyspnoea and also a reduce in the frequency of asthma attacks. Supplemental researches are still needed to conclude these findings on the link between asthma and AKBA.

AKBA is now being widely used as an ingredient in a lot of dietary supplements together with many other active ingredients to help boost healthy body and lifestyle. Though more studies are still needed to further back up the preliminary findings it is safe to say that AKBA provides natural and safe benefits to human health.

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