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Alpha Lipoic Acid on Neuropathy Treatment

Alpha lipoic acid has already been recognized as a strong antioxidant since alpha lipoic acid could neutralize free radicals on both fat and water soluble forms. It could capably get into every nerve cells part as well as protecting the nerve cells against the free radicals harmful effects. Several researchers have identified that diseases on nerve could be caused by damages done by the free radicals. Accordingly, alpha lipoic acid could give protection against damages on the nerve which are inflicted by the free radicals; consequently it helps out with peripheral neuropathy or simply neuropathy treatment.

Some of the typical peripheral neuropathy symptoms are the tingling and numbness in the hands as well as in the feet, fiery pain and weakness of the muscles. And such symptoms could be eased to an immense degree with the aid of alpha lipoic acid. The peripheral neuropathy could be related with various conditions which include diabetes, nutritional deficiency and Lyme disease. Alpha lipoic acid is known to be effective with the treatment on both neuropathy associated chemotherapy as well as diabetic neuropathy. The chemotherapy which associated with neuropathy is primarily caused by certain medicine such as bevacizumab, paclitaxel and gemcitabine. Chemotherapy related neuropathy symptoms are comparable with diabetic neuropathy which could as well be lightened by using alpha lipoic acid.

Although there are various medications which could be utilized for treating neuropathy, such medications may cause numerous side effects. Alternatively, alpha lipoic acid could also be beneficial for the treatment of neuropathy and it causes much lesser side effects. A study has observed that a 600 milligram of alpha lipoic acid dose for neuropathy has significantly lessened the neuropathy symptoms. A particular study has proved that less neuropathy symptoms where experienced by patients who were given medication on alpha lipoic acid than with people who take chemotherapy medicine such as oxaliplatin.


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