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Association of Serotonin and Depression

Association of Serotonin and Depression

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Serotonin is defined as a biochemical neurotransmitter. Serotonin was found in different parts of the body including the platelets, gastrointestinal tract and the central nervous system.  Serotonin is responsible for regulating intestinal movements and contributes a lot to human feelings or emotions. It is secreted from the cells which passes through the tissues and go all the way to the blood. While it was in the blood, the platelets stores it and helps a lot when the body is undergoing blood clotting.


Serotonin is metabolized by the liver. Both animal and human body produces serotonin. This plays a very important role in the body. It regulates the function of the mood, sleep, appetite and other functions that was made or felt by the body.  The serotonin can also be the main source of the antidepressants that was made for medical health conditions for depressed patients.


On the other hand, depression which is one of the mood that serotonin regulates refers to a low state of mood. It is a manifestation that the serotonin levels of the body are quite low.


Depression may vary onto different feelings. Some results that may cause depression are sad feelings, felling of guilt or hopelessness, anxiety and irritation. All these can result into suicide attempts or loss of interest in some different activities.


Depression is not a simple condition for people who have very sensitive emotions. This may also lead into disorders, one of which is known as the major depressive disorder. Major depressive disorders can be further subdivided into various categories like the typical depression, melancholic depression, psychotic major depression, catatonic depression, postpartum and seasonal affective depression. There is also the bipolar disorder which can also be referred to as the manic disorder. It is characterized of alternating mania and depression which associate it with the psychotic disorder. Individuals experiencing these disorders are suffering from low self esteem.

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