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Avoiding DHEA Deficiency

With having insufficient level of DHEA could be diagnosed by pertinent blood tests. Furthermore, if the outcome of the blood test shows a result below 180 nanograms for every deciliter of DHEA level on male while less than 130 nanograms for every deciliter on female, therefore he/she is believed to have deficiency on DHEA. With symptoms of DHEA deficiency, it is commonly treated with supplements of DHEA which may be effective for a specific period.

It is extremely important to follow to the health doctor’s instructions with regards to proper use and dosage of dhea supplements. Since overuse with such supplements were also believed to cause harmful conditions such as hypertension, certain kinds of cancer and unusual body hair growth as well as menstrual and liver problems.

Further significant information for individual who have deficiency on DHEA is that they could obtain supplement of DHEA in the market on various form like tablets, capsules as well as topical creams and chewing gums. However, such supplement must not be taken without seeking advice from any qualified health doctor. Medicine interactions could also be a potential risk for side effect with such supplements. Accordingly, soy products as well as wild yam are known of containing DHEA however human being could not increase their levels of dhea by merely consuming such foods. Recently, supplementation on DHEA are being used for several beneficial function which include memory improvement, immune system enhancement and alleviating symptoms of menopause as well as  lightening fatigue and depression. With such supplements it had been utilized by athletes for enhancing the stamina but then authorities have prohibited use it. After being diagnosed with symptoms of dhea deficiency, a person should use such supplement prior only to the health doctor’s instructions in order to be safe. Naturally, the best way to increase the levels of dhea is by doing a regular exercise together with restriction of calorie and proper management of stress. 


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