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Basics of Essential Oils

Dietary minerals have a somewhat loose definition. They are considered to be any element that is necessary for life to continue other than the four basic elements of life. The four basic elements of life are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. Most of the chemicals in the human body are made entirely of these four elements. Nonetheless, other elements are needed in order for all of the biochemical processes in the body to continue properly. These elements are referred to as dietary minerals. The name is actually somewhat inaccurate. This is because, according to chemistry, a mineral is actually a chemical compound. Compounds consist of more than one element. Dietary minerals, on the other hand, are single elements. Dietary minerals are also unrelated to minerals as they are referred to by geologists. Regardless of the misnomer, there are sixteen elements that are considered to be necessary for life to function properly. These are referred to as essential minerals. It is important to ensure that an adequate amount of essential minerals is found in the body at all times. It is extraordinarily rare in modern society for people to suffer from actual deficiencies of essential minerals, since they can easily be found in most foods. Nonetheless, there are many people who could certainly benefit from more essential minerals, since they contribute to the efficiency of the biochemical processes in the human body. The best source of essential minerals is healthy, organic foods. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to take supplements in order to ensure that there are enough of these minerals present in your body at all times.


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