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Beneficial Health Effects of N Acetylcysteine

Beneficial Health Effects of N Acetylcysteine

This ingredient is contained in CysNAC, TheaNAQ, Daxitrol, and Balance D.

N-acetylcysteine or NAC is a cysteine metabolite. Cysteine, on the other hand, is the sulfur-containing amino acid. Although cysteine is found highly in protein foods, N-acetycysteine is not. It is actually produced naturally in the body. The amino acid cysteine acts as a sulfur donor during the phase II detoxification in the sulfation cycle. It also plays a very vital role in the conversion of homocysteine to methionine as a methyl donor. Cysteine also helps synthesize glutathione, a known powerful antioxidant. The acetylated form of L-cysteine, on the other hand, is the N-acetycysteine.


NAC Chelates Heavy Metals

Heavy metals such as mercury, lead and arsenic are removed and detoxified from the body by NAC. It can also increase the excretion of essential minerals such as zinc when taken over an extended period. That is why it is important that when one is taking N-acetycysteine, one must take supplementary copper, zinc and other trace minerals as well.


NAC Increases the Levels of Glutathione

NAC can metabolize intracellular glutathione fast. Glutathione acts as a powerful detoxifier and antioxidant in the body. NAC also protects the body from the damage induced by acetaminophen poisoning and is been used as an effective treatment for liver failure.


NAC and the Immune System

Glutathione aids the transport of nutrients to phagocystes and lymphocytes, the 2 major classes of immune cells. Moreover, it helps protects the cell membranes. Though purified supplementary glutathione is available in the market, absorption is quite low and NAC is thought to be the better way to boost the level of glutathione in the body. Currently, N-acetylcysteine   is being studied in the treatment of AIDS.


NAC and Cancer

Studies have shown that NAC can reduce the proliferation of certain cells that line the colon. It may also reduce the risk of colon cancer in individuals experiencing recurrent polyps in the colon. Its action as a glutathione precursor and as an antioxidant may also contribute to the protective abilities of NAC against cancer. 

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