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Benefits from Fenugreek Seed

Fenugreek is both an herb and a spice and used and cultivated primarily in India for dishes made with curry. Funugreek seed is the main ingredient in curry. It is very similar in appearance to a clover. It is also used by women who are breastfeeding and need more milk. It helps with the production of a mother's milk up to 900%.  It is a spice used in many Indian dishes and is yellow in coloration. One of the more interesting facts about fenugreek seed is that it is used mixed with yogurt in India and used as a hair conditioning treatment. It has been used to help with diabetes as well as used for a return of strength after strenuous exercise and childbirth.  The taste of fenugreek seed is very sweet and syrupy in flavor. Fenugreek by itself is actually quite bitter and most people don't like the taste of it by itself. It is an acquired taste in most countries, but used in many different types of cuisine. The seed itself is swallowed to relieve some people of aching muscles and joints. The seed must be swallowed whole and it is recommended that it be taken in the morning for its best effect.  You can buy fenugreek seeds in pill form in local health stores in most cities. Any practitioner that uses holistic means of treating things like diabetes would most likely prescribe or suggest fenugreek seed for natural healing.


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