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Benefits of L Glutamine

L-Glutamine is the amino acid that is found in muscle tissue. It is like protein. It is an important part of maintaining the metabolism protein and volatizing cells. It prevents muscles from breaking down.  When a person exercises their muscles tend to break down due to the catabolism. Catabolism breaks muscles down The L-Glutamine fights the catabolism and prevents the muscles from breaking down. When a person is on a diet and trying to cut fat but maintain muscle tissue it is important that L-Glutamine is replenished. L-Glutamine is very helpful so that muscle is not lost while fat is lost.  L-Glutamine It is not only helpful in maintaining a person’s muscle tissue. It helps with his or her immune system and with the intestines. When a person is under stress from a job or school, has the flu or a cold he or she loses the L-glutamine that the body needs to maintain muscle tissue. There are many times that a person has to take a supplement when the body’s natural glutamine is being broken down. L-Glutamine can be purchased or a person might already be taking if he or she is taking another supplement. L-Glutamine is found in many protein supplements so a person can be taking it even without even knowing it.  It is a tasteless and odorless supplement that can be found in either powder or pill form. It is an inexpensive supplement to purchase and can be purchased at health food stores or online.


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