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Bromelain Uses and Dosages

Bromelain could be considered as one of the two extracted protease enzymes from the Ananas comosus or known as pineapple plant which belongs to the Bromeliaceae family. For more than centuries pineapple had been recognized as an essential medicinal plant by natives of Central and South America and therefore it has been utilized for treatments of various conditions.

Even though bromelain is contained in every parts of the pineapple, the stem of such plant comprises the majority of the bromelain content. As a result, merely eating the pineapple would not offer a person immense amount of bromelain whereas highly concentrated enzyme within the pineapple stem part is not even flavorsome. Identifies as the proteolytic enzyme, this bromelain is known to be extremely beneficial for proteins digestion.

Bromelain is also being considered as one of the well known substance that is used for tenderizing meats. It is available in a form of powder which is mixed along with marinade or directly sprinkled over raw meats. Such enzymes penetrate through the meat and making the meat tenderer as well as tasty once cooked.

Bromelain is available in a form of tablet or capsule and it is generally sold in majority of grocery stores for meat tenderizer. Even though the abovementioned uses and benefits of bromelain should have given a reasonable thought to the commercial value of bromelain, it must be used under the supervision of expert due to certain associated side effects which include unusual menstrual bleeding, nausea and vomiting.

However, bromelain recommended dose when taken as a digestive support is about 500 milligrams for each day. In treating inflammation the prescribed dose is about 500 milligrams 4x each day while for individual having arthritis a 500 milligrams and 2000 milligrams of dosage each day separated into 2 dosages.


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