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Bromelain as a Powerful Enzyme

Naturally, bromelain is an enzyme that could be found in the fruit and stem of a pineapple which is a native tropical fruit of South and Central America. Such enzyme are extracted for is medicinal capabilities. Consequently, supplementation on bromelain is being used as a substitute treatment for diverse health conditions which include cancer and joint inflammation.

Some known studies have recommended that bromelain could have certain effect on the function of the immune system which it could help out in alleviating the ill effects of certain chemotherapy. Early researches have also learned about the possibility bromelain use for damaged tissues caused by burns, it is also used as a digestive enzyme as well as for diarrhea treatment. However, there are no substantial scientific researches that have been recognized in whether the bromelain could minimize tumors, enhances comfort, or extends the life expectancy of individuals who are suffering from cancer.

Proponents declared that bromelain could lessen the inflammation and swelling related with injuries on soft tissues. Some individuals also considered that such enzyme is helpful in treating various digestive problems since it stimulates the intestines muscles. Certain practitioners believed that bromelain could also relieves the inflammation and pain due to joint conditions such as carpal tunnel and arthritis  syndrome as well as inhibiting the growth of cancer cell with the combination of the chemotherapy.

Some people say that bromelain could absorb fat wherein individuals who are taking bromelain supplements could lose their weight without exercise or even diet. Other supporters also claimed that bromelain could fights against viral and bacterial infections.

Even though bromelain could be acquired naturally by consuming fresh pineapple, many people would also take supplements of bromelain. Such supplements are obtainable in various forms such as tablets, capsules and ointments in all local markets or every health stores.


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