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Calcium on Osteoporosis Treatment

Osteoporosis needs to be treated as quickly as possible because osteoporosis that ate not treated could cause fracture into the bone. Fracture is which is termed as minimal trauma or a stress fracture could occur by merely performing a typical daily activity.

Calcium performs a key function with osteoporosis treatment. More precisely, increased deposition of calcium maintains the bones density which strengthens the bones. For osteoporosis treatment, dietary supplements of calcium are highly recommended. Regarding adults, the daily required amount of calcium could range within 1000 to 1500 milligram dose. However, an individual must not take supplements of calcium from above 600 milligram for a single dose. It has been reminded that a certain calcium dose must be taken evenly all through the day, because absorption of calcium in the body is at minimal level, especially when it is taken on high amount of dose for a single time. Researches have discovered that optimal absorption of calcium could be achieved when ingested together with food.

The usually prescribed supplement of calcium is the calcium carbonate. Although majority of individuals could easily absorb calcium carbonate, others may experience problems on gastrointestinal. With such cases, a person must seek out advice from his/her medical doctor for alternative prescriptions with such supplement. Some supplements of calcium include calcium lactate, calcium citrate and coral calcium as well as calcium chelates and antacids. The essential dosage of every supplement varies considering the severity of the individual’s condition.

Generally, supplements of calcium to some extent it contains D vitamin. It is known to the information that D vitamin in some way enhances the absorption of calcium by producing intestinal proteins which are necessary for the proper absorption calcium by the body. With serious cases, treatment of osteoporosis could effectively be done by providing medications following a qualified health doctor’s prescription.


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