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Can Methionine Cure Depression?

Can Methionine Cure Depression?

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Depression is a common problem for people who cannot handle tough or distressing circumstances that happened to their life. It is a sickness particularly involving minds. There are a lot of treatment given to patients with depression syndrome which includes medication and counseling. Though these methods are proven to be effective there are some people who are still continuously looking for a more natural way to cure it. Health experts believed that methionine can be of great help in treating depression.

There are numerous studies done in different places in the world. All of which are said to have concluded that methionine can really cure depression. Most of these studies are done in Europe that is why in Europe, methionine is commonly used and is popular in treating people with depression condition. Though some doctors in other places are advising their patients to take methionine supplements to cure their problems with depression, their knowledge on the real ability and function of methionine is not as deep as those with the doctors in Europe who have spent years to thoroughly understand the miracle effect of methionine to people who have such condition.

People suffering from depression have low methylation. Methylation is an essential process in the human body and a person with low methylation is producing fewer serotonin which eventually leads him to suffer from depression. Methionine is known to supply methyl molecules to our body, thus, methionine works as treatment for depression.

People who have depression syndrome that are afraid to take other medications can be advised to take methionine instead. Aside from being natural, methionine is proven to work effectively in curing depression. Studies have showed 70% of patients suffering from depression have been cured by taking methionine as their treatment. This can be our basis to believe that methionine can really cure depression.

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