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Causes of Biotin Deficiency

Biotin is categorized to the B vitamins group which is a water soluble vitamin. It is essentially needed by the human body as it helps out in the energy production from carbohydrates as well as fats. Further biotin function is on production of fats inside the human body and also taking away by-products of proteins. Having a biotin deficiency condition which is a type of condition that rarely seen. Such condition could create numerous of disease as well as side effects to an individual.

In order identify what causes such unusual condition; it is very significant to distinguish the foundation of biotin on what provides the body with biotin and what takes place to it as soon as biotin go through the body. To understand such we have to learn more about the biotin’s benefits as well as side effects.

The human body acquires its sufficient amount of biotin required through some certain food that a person could take. A number of the foods that are known to be an adequate source of biotin include strawberries, grapefruit and liver. It also includes watermelon, bananas as well as peanuts and milk. Regarding the body’s absorption of biotin is concerned; the upper small intestine typically does the biotin absorption though the lower small intestine may absorb a few of it.

Deficiency on biotin vitamin could happen on two circumstances. To begin with, an individual may be having certain drug or medication which is diminishing the biotin inside the body. Several of the drugs that could cause a deficiency on biotin are anti-epileptic drug, antibiotics as well as sedatives. The other cause of deficiency on biotin would be is when an individual who suffers from a damaging condition like diabetes which could cause a biotin deficiency that is needed enzymes inside the body.


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