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Causes of Chromium Deficiency

Chromium is necessary within the body in a minute amounts. The required amount of chromium for women is only about 25 micrograms a day while an amount of 35 micrograms a day is required for men. Furthermore, chromium performs an important role in the process of digestion as well as lowering of an elevated blood pressure and carrying out of sugar into the cells which provides energy available to the body.

Consequently, people who are deficient on chromium have a greater risk of developing health conditions such as coronary artery disease and diabetes.

All through digestion, the intestinal tract barely absorbs 2% to 3% of the total chromium amount contained in a food. Then chromium is stored up in the bones, liver and in the tissues. The amount of chromium stored could decrease caused by losing huge chromium amount within the body.

Simple sugars consumption on large amounts could be the cause for higher chromium amount loss within the body. In addition, certain infection, physical trauma as well as pregnancy and breastfeeding could also lead to chromium loss.

Certain health condition could also cause chromium deficiency within the human body.  A particular condition that could cause such deficiency is with damaged glucose intolerance where the level of blood sugar is higher than the normal however it is lower compared with a diabetic condition.

Serum cholesterol and Triglycerides are both fatty substance which are partially produced inside the body and could also be acquired with small amounts from foods. When the levels of such fatty substance increase excessively, it could worsen the deficiency of chromium inside the body.


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