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Causes of Folic Acid Deficiency

Folic acid is also recognized as folacin, it is a B vitamin form which is needed by the body for its function in the creation of new cells. The human body could not produce such folic acid. As a result, sufficiently required folic acid need by the body merely depends on a diet of the person. Deficiency on folic acid is caused by having a diet on food that doesn’t contain an adequate folic acid amount.

On folic acid deficiency, the most typically known cause is the insufficiency of folic acid contained on a person’s food diet.  An individual whose diet which doesn’t have enough legumes, grains and fresh vegetables could possibly suffer from a deficiency on folic acid. Throughout pregnancy, the reserved folic acids of pregnant mothers were utilized for the growth development of the unborn infant.

Consequently, these pregnant mothers are likely to have a deficiency on folic acid as soon after the pregnancy mainly if the mother doesn’t properly eat in order to cover up for the used folic acid. Diseases such as gastric or celiac disease could cause inadequate folic acid absorption inside the body.

Regarding dialysis on kidney, folic acid excretions tend to increase which could also results in the deficiency of folic acid. Old people are known to have a deficient folic acid mostly because malnutrition as well as poor health. Blood diseases such as thalassaemia and sickle cell disease could as well cause deficiency on folic acid. Certain conditions such as B12 vitamin and zinc deficiency as well as excessive alcohol consumption could often influence the metabolism of folic acid.


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