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Cellulase for Industry and Health

The term Cellulase is used to describe a certain type of enzymes that are often produced by fungi, protozoean, and bacteria. These cellulase enzymes are used in a process called hydrolysis in which water molecules are divided, and is used to break down some types of polymers. Thus cellulase has found a great number of uses in textile industry. It has also been used in paper manufacturing, and in the processing of bio-fuels.

Used as a dietary supplement cellulase can be used to degrade cellulose in to a compound known as beta-glucose. Cellulose, which makes up the biggest part of plant walls, can not normally be digested by humans. Many grazing animals such as cows and horses produce very high natural level of cellulase, this is what allows their bodies to gain high levels of nutrients from grass and brush.The human body produces no natural source of cellulase, which inhibits the human ability to gain the right nutritional levels from plant materials.

However a dietary supplement of cellulase can help increase digestive function by helping to break down the normally undigestable substances in plant matter. By breaking down the cellulose in the plant matter cellulase can also be helpful as a mild energy supplement as well.


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