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Chemical Substances for the Human Body

The Chemical Substances for the Human Body

How do Gluten, Glutamate and Glutamine Differ from One Another?


Foods that we eat have different substances that are beneficial to our health. These substances are responsible for various reactions in the human body. Examples of which are gluten, glutamate and glutamine. They may sound familiar with each other but they do perform different roles. In addition to that, each of them has unique composition that has positive and negative effects.

This neurotransmitter is related to Balance D, Daxitrol, Kavinace, and TravaCor.



Gluten is made up of two kinds of proteins. These are gliadin and glutenin. Gluten is considered as a healthy piece. These are usually found in wheat grains and grass grains. Gluten has many uses. It is widely used in food processing. Gluten is used in making fried balls, binding all the ingredients intact. It is also one of the main ingredients of baking confectionaries.



On the other hand, the other substance that is most often received by our body is the glutamate. This is the salt conjoined with glutamic acid. This is commonly used in the form of monosodium glutamate which used as a food additive to enhance flavor. This has some negative effects into the body when consumed excessively.



Another substance is the glutamine. This substance is a very important chemical for the important processes in the body. One of the roles that it plays is that it is essential in the synthesis of protein. Also, this chemical is responsible for regulating and balancing acids in the kidney. Glutamine is also another source of carbon, nitrogen and cellular energy. It balances the immunization in your body as well.


Gluten, glutamate and glutamine are all different substances essential to maintain the body’s health. Decreased concentration of any of these substances may lead to sickness and diseases. Excessive amounts may result to adverse effects as well. That is why it is important to ensure that the body receives the right amount every time.



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