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Children Health starts with raising them good

Children, generally, are known to be playful and jolly. But some of them are not because of the way their parents treat and raise them. I don’t say that all parents are not capable enough to raise a healthy child in a right way. I want to emphasize that I’m pertaining to some parents who treat their children like they didn’t come from their own flesh and blood.

One common way of raising a child is by giving them rewards when the child did something good and by giving them punishments when a child did something wrong. The good thing is that when you give reward to a child every time he or she has done something good, he or she will continue to do well. The bad thing is that there is a possibility that the child will just do good things whenever you say that there is a corresponding reward.

On the other hand, when parents will give their child a punishment whenever he or she has done something wrong, there will be a big chance that as the child grows, the love and respect that they give to their parents will not be the same as before. For instance, the child accidentally fell a glass of water and you begin to call him or her “stupid”. There will always be a bad effect on the child. He or she might think that he/she is really stupid and is not capable to do great things. There will also be a possibility that when the child started to go to school, he will not have the confidence to participate in class because the thing that you bear in his mind is “he is stupid”. And when they are already grown-ups and already independent, they will not treat their parents rightly.

Raising child is hard to do but worth it when you see your son or daughter doing great as they grow older. It is all because of the love and care that you gave and still giving to them.


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