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Colostrum Liquid Gold

Colostrum, also known as beestings or first milk, starts in late pregnancy and continues into the first few days of having given birth. It is produced in the mammary glands. It is thick, yellowish and sticky. Colostrum is considered liquid gold because it offers so much to the newborn in its first few days. Colostrum is high in nutrients, antibodies, carbohydrates, protein and low in fat. This makes it the perfect food for a newborn. Most newborns have difficulty in digesting fat. Newborns also have a small digestive system and colostrum is delivered in a very high concentrated low volume form. This liquid gold has even more helpful properties. It is also considered a mild laxative. Colostrum helps in the passing of the baby's first stool called meconium. This process helps to clear out excess bilirubin. If too much bilirubin is in the newborn's body he or she could develop jaundice. Colostrum also contains antibodies that help protect the mucus membranes in the throat, lungs, and intestines. Leukocytes help the newborn in fighting harmful viruses and bacteria. If the baby is premature it has been shown that colostrum is very beneficial. Colostrum and human milk contains growth modulators, that help a premature baby and their digestive system adjust to oral feedings.  A newborn can do well when fed formula. However, it has been shown time and again that colostrum is far superior. Colostrum eventually turns into "regular" milk which can fully feed a baby until toddler age.


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