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Colostrum is good for Infants

Colostrum is also identified as first milk or beestings which is a milk form manufactured in the late pregnancy of mothers by the mammary glands or after giving birth in a few days. Bovine as well as human colostrums are yellowish substance that is thick and sticky.

On human beings, colostrum has a high antibodies and nutrients concentration however it is in minute amounts. Colostrum has a high content of carbohydrates, protein and antibodies while it has a low fat content.

Since new born babies have a hard time absorbing fats, such milk form is very essential for them. New born babies have relatively small digestive systems wherein colostrum has the capability of delivering its nutrients through an extremely concentrated minute volume form. Such form also has a gentle laxative effect that encourages the passing through of an infant’s first stool which is termed as meconium.

Colostrum can clear excessive bilirubin which is the dead red blood cells waste product that is formed in large amounts at birth caused by the reduction of the blood volume in the body of an infant and it could also help out in the prevention of jaundice.

Accordingly, it contains large amounts of antibodies termed as secretory immunoglobulin which is helpful in the protection of mucous membranes in the lungs, intestines and the throat of an infant. Leukocytes are also contained in large amount; such substance starts protection of the infant from destructive bacteria and viruses.

Studies shows that premature infants who fed trough tubes with artificial colostrums are likely to vomit more than those fed infants with natural colostrum.


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