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Combination of Vitamins and Minerals


Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, is responsible for the normal functioning of our brain and nervous system. This can be found in meats, eggs, dairy products, poultry and shellfish.

Folic acid. This vitamin is necessary for the normal metabolism and production of RBC. This vitamin is very important especially to pregnant women because this prevents the occurrence of birth defects. This can be found in dark green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin C. This vitamin can be found in orange, limes and lemons. Tomatoes, milk and fish also contains Vitamin C. This helps boost our immune system and decrease the occurrence of infection.

Vitamin B6. This is for the normal function of our immune system. This can be found in beans, eggs and nuts.

Vitamin B2. This is also known as riboflavin and is responsible for RBC production.

Pantothenic Acid and Biotin. This helps to synthesize cholesterol and hormones. This can be found mostly in whole grain cereals and broccoli.

Essential Minerals

Molybdenum. This can be found in beans, milk, bread and cereals. This is very important in enzyme process inside our body.

Phosphorus plays an important role in bone formation and energy metabolism and can be found in poultry, fish and meat.

Potassium is essential for nerve function and maintenance of normal blood pressure. This mineral can be found in fruits and vegetables.

Selenium can decrease and prevent the formation of cancer cells in our body can be found in seafood.

Sodium is known in regulating body fluid volume. This can be found in table salt, milk, and eggs.

Lastly, zinc. This helps wound to heal faster.


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