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Cooking Uses of Vicia Faba L Dopa

Cooking Uses of Vicia Faba L Dopa


Vicia Faba (L-Dopa), or simply broad beans, are commonly used by people in cooking. Many are fond of its yummy taste and appreciate its health-related benefits. That is evident due to high demand of vicia faba in the market and the growing numbers of cultivars of it all over the world. However, there are cooking uses of vicia faba that most of you are not aware of. To give you an in-depth look of its cooking uses, you can refer to below list:


1.       Soups and Salads. Most of the chefs today like to incorporate vicia faba to their soups and salads masterpiece. This is because broad beans are very healthy yet surprisingly tasty. It can really go along well with soups and salads.

2.       Puree. Some people have their own way of making bean puree. The puree made from vicia faba is used for tasty dips.

3.       Fried Beans. Other people used vicia faba as an appetizer and cooked it fried. Fried beans usually require some bread crumbs, flour and etc. This dish is best to go with beers and other alcohol beverages. As a matter of fact, this dish is often served by most clubs and bars as one of their appetizers.

4.       Vicia faba filling. In Mexico, vicia faba or broad beans are often mashed and used as filling to their antojito snacks.

5.       Chili Beans. In China, broad beans are often mixed with soybeans and chili peppers to make a dish native to them called doubanjiang. This dish has a spicy taste.

6.       Dried faba beans. In Columbia, faba beans are popular as snack. To make it their snack, they dry the beans and add some salt in it.


It is really amazing how this simple plant can do so much as an ingredient to cooking. If you are more creative, you can actually come up with your own style or technique to cook your favorite vicia faba.

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