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Cortisol & Stress

Cortisol plays a very important role within the body. It is a hormone that is secreted by the adrenal glands and involved in many functions. Some of these functions are as follows: blood pressure, metabolism, insulin release for blood sugar maintenance, immune system, and inflammatory response. Cortisol usually runs high first thing in the morning and then the levels tapper off on the low end at night. The hormone Cortisol is also known as the stress hormone. The reason for this is when the body suddenly gets a bout of energy due to survival or something equally stressful, the body then begins to secrete more cortisol to compensate for the body's reaction.

This article is related to Isocort, the cortisol supplement.

While cortisol is essential for our bodies during stressful periods, it is also essential for our bodies to undergo what is known as the relaxation response. That way the body can return to its normal running state without the continuing chaos stress puts on it. Sadly though in today's society more and more people run on less relaxation and find themselves hitting a chronic stress point on a daily basis.

Chronic stress causes prolonged high levels of cortisol to be present within the body at all times. This can cause a negative effects upon the memory, thyroid function, blood pressure, blood sugar, lowered immunity, increased abdominal fat, decrease in muscle tissue, and a decrease in bone density. In order to keep your cortisol levels at a healthy level, it is suggested that the body's relaxation response be activated after what is dubbed as the fight or flight reaction. Implementing stress management techniques into ones daily schedule can help as well as changing a few factors within ones lifestyle. By reducing stress and adding stress reducers like yoga or exercise into the daily routine can help maintain a healthy cortisol balance within the body, especially when using Isocort to supplement Cortisol levels.

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