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Cortisol and Stress Fight or Flight?

Cortisol and Stress: Fight or Flight?

This neurotransmitter is affected by Calm PRT and AdreCor

Stress is definitely part and parcel of everyday existence. And the usual humdrum existence can sometimes be interrupted by a whirlwind of tumbling blocks along the way. Nothing can really be planned in a breeze, something will almost always go wrong along the way. And that is where stress comes into play.


Although stress is inevitable and can be very disturbing, it is more so perceived as healthy when it comes in moderate amounts. Cortisol and stress are somewhat partners in crime. Whenever we encounter stressors, our cortisol levels, which are also coined as the “stress hormone”, go up. It is secreted by the adrenal glands for purposes of proper immune and inflammatory response, regulation of blood pressure, and blood sugar maintenance.


Cortisol which is said to be responsible for the “fight or flight response” of people can affect people in astounding ways whenever they are in stressful situations. Cortisol and stress is seen to be in play in emergency situations wherein it gives a quick surge of energy for survival reasons. It is also vital in maintaining balance in the body’s system, lowers a person’s sensitivity towards pain and heightens one’s mental functions.


Stress is definitely something that we cannot eliminate in our day-to-day life but there are ways to lessen the harmful effects of stress in our lives. A well-balanced lifestyle is very important in having a positive demeanor and outlook in life. Cortisol and stress seems to be successful in tweaking people’s lives into having a somewhat balanced control over our reactions towards stressful elements.


 Individuals vary in their reactions towards stressful situations. It is however important that they trigger a healthy relaxation response after a stressful event so as to retain normal body functions. Keep a positive approach no matter what life throws at you. It will keep you attuned to reality yet make you whole and stronger in the process.

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