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Cutting Edge Techniques to Improve Your Memory

Do you feel as though your memory is getting shorter from day-to-day? As our society becomes more stressful and we start to rely on the technology of phones and computers to do our thinking for us, we tend to slack off on mind building activities. Without these activities we start to forget little things and gradually as we focus on our busy schedules, bigger memory problems can start to develop. If we take a few minutes each day to use a few cutting edge techniques to improve our memory, we will be able to utilize our brain more efficiently and regain what we have lost. Memory improvement techniques don’t have to be boring or complicated. They just need to exercise the brain. Like our muscles, the brain also needs exercise to stay strong and healthy. Regular body exercise, managing stress and adequate sleep are a few things we need to start with. Exercise increases the oxygen to your brain, which helps to keep you relaxed and more alert.

When we allow stress to consume us we tend to focus on the stress more than anything else, making it very hard to concentrate. Without concentration we can’t focus on what we need to do or what people have told us, therefore making us forget easily. If not controlled, chronic stress can deteriorate and physically damage your brain.

Without adequate sleep, we stay very tired and have trouble focusing on anything specific. We aren’t getting the restful sleep needed to revive both our bodies and minds making memories more difficult to retrieve. Sleep tends to be better in a bedroom without TV’s, Computers or any type of night lighting. Brain stimulation exercises are very important in keeping your brain strong and your memory intact. Word games, number games and puzzles like crosswords and Sudoku are great ways to exercise your brain, by stimulating and strengthening your neural pathways, therefore improving memory. These types of games can also reduce stress. Most of us these days have smart phones or portable gaming devices. These can be essential devices to help with memory building. There are many internet games and applications to help build your memory and commercial games for portable consoles like the PSP and Nintendo DS. These games challenge your brain and help build your memory. Another way to improve memory is to try to use images as memory reminders. Visual stimulation is how most of us learn new things. Remember how we began to read as children by using pictures and learning to associate the images to the words. As we started to learn more words we were then able to put them together in sentences without the images. As we continue to learn we start to associate images, colors or even smell to our memory process. Remembering names can be very difficult. When meeting someone new, try repeating the name back as you shake their hand. Incorporate their name into the conversation as much as possible. You can also try to relate the name to someone else you know with the same name. Using these types of cutting edge memory techniques regularly will help keep you sharp and alert. You will also notice your memory start to improve.

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