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DHEA: The Mother of All Hormones

DHEA: The Mother of All Hormones

This neurotransmitter is affected by Avipaxin and Daxitrol


Among all other hormones produced in the human body, DHEA or dehydroepiandro sterone is the most common and most abundant, giving it the right to be known as “the mother of all hormones.” DHEA plays a very important role in relation to other hormones because it is the precursor to over 50 other hormones in the human body. This hormone is produced in the adrenal glands located on top of the kidneys and is converted to specific hormones such as the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone.


DHEA is also needed for producing hormones that control fat production and mineral metabolism and also stress. Among with all its other functions, benefits and protection that it provides to our body, overall, this hormone is responsible for maintaining a youthful, lean and healthy body.


Along with aging, unfortunately the levels of DHEA naturally produced by the body diminish over time. The peak production of DHEA happens at the age of 20 and decreases as we get older. Researches claim that the level of DHEA when we reach the age of 80 is only 10 to 20 percent of the levels at the age of 20. Studies conducted resulted to the conclusion that the decreasing levels of DHEA may contribute to aging symptoms as well as cancer and the condition of hardening arteries known as atherosclerosis.


Compensation for the lack of DHEA production in the body seems to be a grave need and a big help. Having supplements for DHEA may possibly reverse the aging process. Luckily, these supplements are now available for consumption. These supplements may lead to weight control to increasing sexual libido to combating depression and even cancer. With the advice from the doctor, the general dosage of the DHEA pill should be 25 t0 50mg a day to maintain the natural levels of DHEA in the body to function efficiently.



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