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DHEA Helps Control Weight

DHEA Helps Control Weight

This neurotransmitter is affected by Avipaxin and Daxitrol

 We live in a society where beauty has been defined by media as being thin or slim. Deny it or accept it, weight is one determinant of beauty… of what is and who is sexy. There is an abundance of supplements, diet pills and procedures to help people achieve the ideal weight, or to control the weighing scale pointer. But believe it or not, our body naturally produces a chemical that helps us control weight… the hormone Dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA.

There are hundreds of substances that are being produced by and in our bodies and that include the steroid hormone DHEA. This prohormone is produced at its peak in our youth and declines in production as people increase their age number. Being the most abundant hormone in the human bloodstream, this substance is supposed to do something beneficial right? And alas among a number of good things it can do to our body, one of the most interesting of all its functions and benefits is that it is proven to help the body burn fat and consequently leads to weight loss and shedding of the unwanted pounds. Linking the information together, it is no longer surprising why it is easier to lose weight when we’re younger than when people reach their 40’s. Temple University School of Medicine found that heightened levels of DHEA resulted to weight loss without affecting the appetite.

Another property of DHEA linked to weight control is its ability to block an enzyme known as G6PD. This enzyme is needed to produce fat tissues in the body and also aids in cancer cell growth. Thus, DHEA’s ability to block this enzyme leads to body fat reduction and may even help fight of cancer.

Even with these discoveries, proper diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle still remains to be the essentials for proper weight management.



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