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DHEA as a Supplement that Delays Aging

DHEA as a Supplement that Delays Aging

This neurotransmitter is affected by Avipaxin and Daxitrol

DHEA is considered as the hormone that is most plentiful in the human bloodstream. The adrenal glands are in charge for the production of DHEA, which further leads to the production of other hormones such as sex hormones. DHEA is a very important hormone in the body because it is needed in many chemical processes inside which is needed by the body to maintain a healthy physical and mental activities.

Aging has a direct effect on the body’s production of dehydroepiandrosterone, the older we get the lesser our body produce DHEA, which explains our limited ability to perform different activities as we age. The highest peak for the body’s production of dehydroepiandrosterone happen from 18 to 25 years old and then it slowly decreases as we grow older.

As we grow older and the level of DHEA in our body is relatively declining and so is the high rate of getting serious diseases such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and certain types of cancer. Because of this observation, a lot of different experiments were done by several medical experts trying to discover the link between the level of DHEA in the body and the occurrence of those killer diseases.

A lot of observations and evidences were collected linking the decrease of DHEA’s level in the body as a cause of certain degenerative diseases, though conclusions were not made yet. One observation identifies that a person near death has a very low level of DHEA ranging from zero to five percent.

DHEA in a form of medical supplement has pushed the industry of anti-aging, anticancer, and anti-obesity remedies to a higher level. It is also being referred as a smart-drug who exhibits the properties to maintain youthful body functions such as protecting the brain cells from degenerative alterations caused by aging. If those findings are true and if there will be a way of enhancing the effects of DHEA by combining with other supplements, it would be a great way to end the suffering with common aging disorders.

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