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Dangers of Calcium Deposits in the Brain

Calcium deposits in the brain could occur once the calcium in the blood is not properly absorbed within the human body. Such condition is commonly seen than a person might think and it prevails equally in both the women as well as men. The medical importance of such disorder could vary from not that severe to incredibly severe regarding the normal function of the brain such that this condition might either lead to a not so serious problem or could possibly lead to persistently severe health problems.

Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic chronic infection due to Toxoplasma gondii parasites which could be found in the feces of cats. It is a rarely seen infection that generally doesn’t affect an individual’s normal health; however individual having weak immune system as well as pregnant mothers are more likely to acquire such infection, particularly when cleaning the litter box of cats which is the procreation place for such parasites. Such infection could be one of the main causes for deposits of calcium in the brain which might potentially harm the human brain.

Meningiomas are mainly tumors that could build up on the brain’s outer lining which is termed as meninges. It could be another apparent calcification cause wherein the deposits of calcium take place on such tumors. Though, the excellent position is that most of such deposits of calcium and tumors of the brain are benign such that these are very rarely seen and non cancerous as well as they could be cancerous or malignant.

Another factor is known as aneurysm which might contribute to deposits of calcium within the brain. It is a condition in which certain arteries within the brain developing a weak spot that lead to the enlarging or widening of the blood vessel which could eventually begins indications of calcifications. However it rarely occurs, such calcifications are normally shaped as circles or arches and don’t add to the brain aneurysm severity.


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