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Detox to Feel Better

Have you ever felt run down for no good reason? You had your eight hours of sleep last night but, still, for some reason, can't seem to wake up in the morning? If this has ever happened to you it may be a good time to learn more about detoxing.  To detox your body means to rid yourself of the unhealthy elements in your life that may have been getting in the way of you feeling really good. Eliminating refined sugars, complex carbohydrates and alcohol is a great way to begin to feel better. These are things that, when overloaded in our bodies, begin to take a long term toll on our day to day energy and health. 

You can detox in a number of ways and it really is up to you as an individual to determine what works best. 

A really excellent detox program is one that consists of consuming only raw food for a few days or however long you feel comfortable. Only digesting fruits and vegetables is a healthy way of clearing your body of the harmful free radicals and ever occurring preservatives that are, unfortunately, found in almost all food today.  You should talk with your doctor before starting any detox program, especially is this is something you have never done before. Finding a nutritionist to help is another good idea because they can help find the perfect detox program to fit your lifestyle and your level of health. Good luck and here's to your health!


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