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Diet for Histamine Intolerant

Histamine Diet – Diet for Histamine intolerant


Histamine intolerance or sensitivity may also be known as a type of food intolerance. Histamine is the main mediator of the allergic response inside our body. Consuming foods with histamine may provoke the same response as allergies. The toxicity of histamine is most likely associated when someone consumed a spoiled fish, aged red wine and cheese.

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Histamine is an allergen that stimulates the discharge of antibodies which tends to attach themselves to the mast cells. Releasing histamine may cause many symptoms such as watery and itchy eyes, itchy nose that may produce a lot more mucus, skin itching, headaches, lung spasms, diarrhea and stomach cramping. Below are foods and beverages that can be an alternative to high histamine diet. These are foods recommended for people that experiences histamine intolerance.


  1. Milk or dairies – You may have plain milk or ricotta cheese instead of any processed dairy products with restricted ingredients such as all yogurt, all cheese and buttermilk.


  1. Cereals and breads – You may eat any grain or flour that is pure or no artificial colors, plain fresh breads, biscuits and dough and baked cookies. The ones that you should avoid are products that contain artificial colors, cinnamon, cloves, cocoa, bleached flour, margarine, preservatives, jellies, jams, and those that are cooked in too much oil.


  1. Vegetables – It is recommended for you to eat all fresh and frozen vegetables except for eggplant, sauerkraut, pumpkin, spinach, and all tomato products.


  1. Fruits – It is better for you to have banana, apples, rock melon, figs, grapes, kiwi, grapefruit, lime, watermelon, lemon, mango, pear and rhubarb. Avoid fruits such as cherry, cranberry, apricot, loganberry, dates, orange, nectarine, pineapples, plums, prunes, raisins raspberries and strawberries.


  1. Meats – All pure and freshly cooked meats are allowed. What you should avoid eating are processed meats and leftover cooked meats. All fish and shellfishes are also not recommended.


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