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Dietary Sources of Tryptophan

Dietary Sources of Tryptophan

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Our body is made up of muscles and tissues that are built by proteins. This is why we eat meat, dairy products and other protein-rich sources. Besides helping us grow our body, proteins also repair damaged parts of the tissues. Among the 20 standard amino acids that make up the building blocks of protein, 10 are not synthesized by the body and are supplied only through the food we eat. These 10 are called the essential amino acids, and tryptophan is one of them.


As an overview, tryptophan is an amino acid that is most popularly known to help induce relaxation and sleep to humans. Since the body does not produce its own tryptophan, we should get it from the food we eat. Here are some of the best sources of tryptophan.


The best sources of tryptophan are, of course, meat products, dairy products and other protein-rich sources such as soya beans and its derivatives. Some of the best meat sources of tryptophan are roasted chicken, turkey, beef tenderloin, tuna and salmon. Even before tryptophan was discovered, warm milk was already recommended for sleeping problems. Warming the milk activates the tryptophan content of the milk, so it is commonly given before bedtime. Egg white is also a good source of this protein. For vegans, some of the best sources of tryptophan are soy beans, lima beans pistachios, evening primrose seeds, almonds, cabbage, spinach and wheat.


It is not just enough to eat foods that are rich in tryptophan. Since these protein-rich sources also contain other essential amino acids, there is more competition for absorption and brain access. But if the protein is eaten with carbohydrates, there is better chance for tryptophan to access the brain since insulin promotes the uptake of amino acids into the muscles with the exception of tryptophan.

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