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Different Uses of Vicia Faba

Different Uses of Vicia Faba


You might be already familiar with vicia faba or broad beans since it has been one of the most famous ingredients in most of your dishes. It is also believed to have huge part in treating disease such as Parkinson’s disease. Vicia faba can also be used for many other things, aside from the fact that vicia faba is an ideal culinary ingredient and source of nutritional elements and vitamins.


During the ancient time in Rome and Greece, vicia faba has been used to vote. According to their history, white bean is used to deliver an agreeable vote while black bean is used otherwise. Bean is also used by some fortune-teller in the Ubykh culture as their tool to see or predict the future. The bean is said to be thrown on the ground and the soothsayers will later interpret its position. This is how they use vicia faba in fortune-telling.


In other parts of the world like Italy, vicia faba are often planted or scattered every all souls day by tradition. Some people in this area would likely take a faba bean with them to attract good vibes and luck or even prosperity. On Portugal, they have this cake called Bolo Rei or commonly known as King Cake which is primarily made up of vicia faba. Included in their tradition is the belief that whoever eats the part which has broad beans in it would be the one to buy the cake for the coming year. Another belief in the European land is that whenever you plant vicia faba on Good Friday, it will be able to bring you more luck in your life.


These are some of the other uses of vicia faba that you must familiarize yourself with in order to fully appreciate it. In most cases, people are seeing broad beans as food only. But to some countries, its uses are not limited to that merely.

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